Don't get confused about online slots!

Online slots are one of the most popular casino game options around the globe. These games are simple and fun to play, coming with a ton of exciting bonuses, beautiful graphics and immersive storylines. But, as we've discovered at 1-online-casinocanada , there are many silly beliefs out there about slot machines. Suprisingly, a lot of players believe these lies and this can affect the way you play and enjoy these games. So, let's take a look at some of the more ridiculous of these slot game rumors and put your fears to rest so you can get on and enjoy these games instead.

The first misconception is that casinos are able to change the RTP of a game. Now the RTP is the return to player rate which gives you a theoretical return over time. These are set, and monitored, by the slot provider. And they can't be changed! Contrary to popular belief, these are not going to change when you get playing or suddenly switch to a very low RTP during the peak gaming hours. Your money is safe as regulaory jurisdictions have rules in place to prevent this from ever happening. Not to mention the slot would have to go offline for the change!

Timing your spins to win!

Now, we are all looking for ways to make money, and for many of us, playing online is to earn some big bucks. But when it comes to slots, everything is really down to luck despite what you might think. A popular belief is that it's actually possible to time your spins to win! Some players believe that waiting a specific number of seconds between spins will trigger a winning combo to land - not true! Reputable slots operate on regularly audited RNGs ensuring fair gaming and meaning you'll just have to hold out for luck like everyone else!

Winning gets you less money

One of the best moments with online gaming is to get a winning streak. Sometimes you get lucky and a slot will continue spinning a lot of prizes in a short period of time. For most of us, this is an exciting moment that we savor. However, some people believe that this is the beginning of the end and that when you hit a winning streak, the slot will start to payout less for each win. Again, this is the belief that the casino will be monitoring and controlling the slot to make sure they don't lose too much, and it's also not true.

You can only win on luck

We did mention earlier that slots are luck-based games and that there are no real strategies to employ to get ahead. Well, they are completely simple requiring you to just set a bet and press a button, but you can improve your chances of winning, but not in the way you play the slot. Instead, you should actually take a look at those all-important RTPs and actually select slots that have a higher one - usually over 96% is best. This does improve your chances of winning over the long term, but again, these are theoretical and not guaranteed.

What else isn't true?

We've covered some of the more popular beliefs about slot games, but there are a few others. For instance, slots running hot/cold, casinos cheating players out of jackpots, and even, simply being ripped off by online slots. Happily, none of these are true. Casinos don't rig games, they expect players to win a few times. In fact, in order to keep their business running and players returning to their site, they NEED them to! With licensed software, casinos can't alter slot games even if they wanted to as they'd run the risk of losing their own license. In short, playing slots is perfectly fair, you just need lady luck!